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GC Services Limited Partnership Harassed Me At Least Three Times!

and.....they Hired Hinshaw & Culbertson, LLP To Speak On Their Behalf

And Fight Against My Small Claims Lawsuit For Invalid And Untruthful Reasons!

I am on the National Do Not Call List Registry ever since September 1st, 2010 and back on Thursday, February 19, 2015, GC Services Limited Partnership Illegally Telemarketed ME for the times of: 4:34 P.M., 4:33 P.M. and 4:31 P.M. coming from the Phone number of:

626-377-9200 and Never Bothered To Check The National Do Not Call Registry to see if I am on the list.

After I had received the calls, I filed a Small Claims Lawsuit against the company and was then contacted back on Monday, March 30, 2015 from Ms. Renee Choy O., Esq who works for HINSHAW & CULBERTSON, LLP offering to settle the case for ONLY $500.00 (Without My Court Costs) (Instead of the $1,500.00) which was what my CASE should have been worth according to the California Civil Code and the National Do Not Call List Registry.

During our discussion, I asked Ms. Renee Choy O., Esq from HINSHAW & CULBERTSON, LLP if she could offer me What The Actual Judgment Was Worth at $500.00 per Unwanted Phone Call x (3) Calls Received, once again, according to the California Civil Code and the National Do Not Call List Registry and During The Whole Time On The Phone With Their Lawyer, She Was Being Totally and Extremely Inconsiderate, Unfair And Selfish About The Whole Small Claims Lawsuit And My Legitimate And Honest Claim and She Knew That Deep Inside, but Sadly Ms. Renee Choy O., Esq Is A Very Selfish And Non-Understanding Person who just can Not Accept Reality and The True Facts!

Furthermore, Ms. Renee Choy O., Esq is also Not A Very Good Judge Of Character At All Who Also Lacks Extreme Communications Skills which are Very Important For Being A Good, Fair And Honest Attorney.

Continuing On: She did respond back to me, via email by asking ME to send in More Documentation to Support My Case, Claim and the Law and stated that she would Reconsider It For More Money!

I kept in Communication With Her And Responded Back To Her Request Right Away and She Did Not Even Bother To Answer me back in a Timely Manner.

Sadly, I had to nag her and email her several times and even contact her secretary in order to get a proper response back from her.

When Ms. Renee Choy O., Esq. finally responded back to me, she stated that she is Not Authorized to Settle On My Terms and Immediately Referred My Matter Back To The Court which is a Total LIE!

If she is NOT Authorized to settle my case, then Why did she ask ME For More Documentation as stated in her First Letter where it clearly states on the Very Last Line, "If You Have Evidence Of A Violation, Please Forward It So That My Client Can Take That Into Consideration."

However, Ms. Renee Choy O., Esq from HINSHAW & CULBERTSON, LLP basically Changed Her Mind Completely and NEVER EVEN CONSIDERED MY LEGITIMATE DOCUMENTATION that I had provided to her.

I then sent her another letter asking her to please settle the case For What She Originally Offered To ME which had NO Expiration Date and in her Last Response, she said that I Rejected Her Offer and NOW it NO LONGER STANDS which is a PURE LIE!

Please NOTE: Ms. Renee Choy O., Esq from HINSHAW & CULBERTSON, LLP is the one who asked ME For More Documentation For Reconsideration for MORE MONEY in the First Place and I NEVER said that I am turning down her offer, but clearly followed her instructions to send her in More Material For Consideration For MORE MONEY according to what is written in my Small Claims Court Judgment!

She is therefore NOT abiding by her Original Offer in which I have printed out and kept a copy of for my records and is a Very Dishonest Attorney who has been hired to represent GC Services Limited Partnership.

I have therefore filed a Small Claims Lawsuit Against Not Only GC Services Limited Partnership, but against the Lawfirm of Hinshaw & Culbertson, LLP who is representing them as well!

UPDATE: I have already been to Small Claims Court already against both companies on the Same Day and I actually had Won My lawsuit against GC Services Limited Partnership, but lost with Hinshaw & Culbertson, LLP because the judge said that since I won with

GC Services Limited Partnership, then he felt that I do NOT deserve to win two lawsuits involving similar matters which I can understand.

Sadly, within the First 30 Days Of Waiting to Receive My Check for my Small Claims Court Judgment coming from GC Services Limited Partnership, I received an Appeal Notice instead coming from GC Services Limited Partnership's Attorney, Ms. Renee Choy O., Esq at HINSHAW & CULBERTSON, LLP since they are so Hungry For Money and All They Care About Is Screwing Everybody Over And Appealing Every Lawsuit and Not Paying Out Any Money To Anybody Who Deserves It Such As Me!


Enclosed, please find most of my documentation showing you the Small Claims Court Lawsuit, plus the Communication between ME and Ms. Renee Choy O., Esq, the Attorney at HINSHAW & CULBERTSON, LLP who is solely representing GC Services Limited Partnership who has been HIRED PURPOSELY AND DELIBERATELY To Speak Out On Their Behalf so that they do Not Have To Pay ME Any Money, but they would rather Pay Out Money To This Lawyer Instead And See Everybody Else Suffer!

How Sick And Ridiculous Does This Get When GC Services Limited Partnership was At Fault To Begin With!

No Wonder Why GC Services Limited Partnership Got So Many Negative Reviews On Here and Now Hinshaw & Culbertson, LLP is about to Get Their First One Coming From ME!

PS: Please Do Not Do Any Kind Of Business With GC Services Limited Partnership, nor HINSHAW & CULBERTSON, LLP!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of ms renee choy ohlendorf esq refused to keep her original offer and difficulty communicating with ms renee choy ohlendorf esq. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "ms. renee choy ohlendorf, esq. was not honest with me from the beginning!" of other product and associated monetary loss in the amount of $1500. Hinshaw And Culbertson needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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